5 Best Oud Wood Oils That Most of Users Recommended

What is Oud Wood Oil?

Oud Wood is also known as Oud, Aloeswood, Gaharu wood, or Eaglewood.  It produced from the fungus-infected resins of the Aquilaria tree.  The Oud oil annual market is around $6 Billion, and its value estimated as one and a half times from gold.

So the expected significance value of Oud oil is also known as “Liquid Gold”.  The retailers of Oud oil usually sell the three-gram of Oud Oil for $300. The fragrance of Oud compromises many diverse aspects. It is very pleasing, aromatic, invoking warm and smoky notes.

Process of Oud Oil Extraction:

There are five main extraction processes of Oud Oil.

The Infection:

Agarwood can be produce from the Aquilaria tree’s resins, and this tree only can form the Agarwood after fungus infection.  Before the infection, the tree is odorless and looks normal.

Once fungus infection occurs, the Aquilaria tree starts to defend against the infection and produce the dark resin that changes the tree’s Odor composition and color.

Strong Agarwood Chips:

The experts and skilled workers sort the unprocessed distillery chip from the wood and sink the grade resinous for incense, this process of distillation from the excellent quality of Agarwood.

Processing Oud Chips:

These chips soaked until they are ready for distillation, this is an art, and 150 compounds in Oud Wood produce a distinct smell. The experts separate the pieces of wood that can make the excellent quality of Oud Oil.

The distillation Process:

After Soaking, these chips transferred to the distillery by force distillation and hydrodistillation. The forced distillation is used in Indonesia and hydrodistillation in Thailand, India, and Cambodia, commonly.

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Final Step:

Once the distillation process completed the Oud oil produced after this complicated process, Oud oil kept open in sunlight to evaporate extra moisture from the oil.  It ensures that Oud oil is pure and can use invaluable perfumes.

Five Best Oud wood oils

These are the five best Oud Wood oils in the US market.

1-The impression of Oud Wood for Men:

If you like the woody smell and you will love the fragrance impression of Oud Wood. It is 100% pure oil and has 0% alcohol. It has a long-lasting scent that will remain for the whole day after using once.

2- Astana Leather, Cuban Tobacco and Exotic Oud Wood Fragrance Oil:

The top notes used in this oil are bergamot and tea leaf, clove bud, dry notes of tobacco flower and amber.

This oil has a fantastic fragrance with musky evokes of fine leather.  The bottle of this oil is an amber glass bottle and Euroffice to control the dispensing.  You can save your oil easily and never waste a drop of oil during the use of oil.

3- Andrew Pearce Premium Walnut Wood Oil Bowl Conditioner 8oz – Wooden Bowl and Cutting Board Oil

It is non-toxic and allergen-free oil; it is used to safe food and made in the USA according to high-quality standards.

It is the best oil for all wooden wood items such as blocks, bowls, and cutting boards and preserving wood’s beauty.

4- Premium Fragrance Body Oil (OJX021 Our Version of Oud Wood Type, 4 oz.):

This oil is made by the high quality of fragrance oil and inspired by the designer fragrance.  The smell of oil concentrates the aroma of Oil Leaves which remains for hours.  It is a beautiful, inexpensive gift for everyone.

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5- Oud Wood Body Oil Perfume For Men by Tom Ford Scented Fragrance (1oz):

This oil offers the highest quality of all scented and perfume oil and 100% alcohol-free. This oil is uncut, and only a few drops will provide the fragrance for hours. It can safes your skin and ready for use.

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