5 Best Tom Ford Oud Wood Body Oil You Can Consider

Incredibly famous designer Tom Ford is a genuinely lavish brand for the 21st century. His collections cater to men and women who look for a decisive style, innovation, and uniqueness.

Tom Ford offers exceptional body oils, accomplishing enchanting feminine excitement and flawless style while also enhancing exclusivity. One such collection revolves around oud wood body oils.

Below are the five best Tom Ford oud wood body oils that you would definitely love to add to your collection!

1) Private Blend Oud Wood by Tom Ford Body Oil 250ml

One of the sustaining body oil that is enriched with the aroma of Oud Wood by Tom Ford. This oil is very light on the skin and delicately absorbs in the skin, leaving the skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated with a mild scent. Oud wood body oil notes consist of the Chinese pepper, Oud, Vetiver, Tonka bean, Sandalwood, Rosewood, Amber, Cardamom, and Vanilla.

An extravagant conditioning body oil promotes wellbeing and recreation. Natural plant extracts help to soften the skin. After usage, it leaves the skin feeling smooth and attractively scented.

2) Tom Ford Private Blend Neroli Portofino Body Oil – 250ml/8.5oz

Neroli Portofino body oil by Tom Ford exceptionally hooks the cool breezes, magnificent clear water and extravagant flora of the Italian Riviera.

Tom Ford’s invention of an exemplary eau de cologne highlights fresh citrus oils, amazing botanical notes, and amber hints to leave skin covered in aroma and delectably hydrated.

This luxuriously lightweight oil presses on for a sustaining and reviving experience. It assists the condition of the skin and leaves it bright. Massage a couple of drops onto the damp or dry skin for a splashy yet significant impression.

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Improved with Olive Fruit, Date Seed, and Grape Seed Oil extract depicting the Mediterranean, this lightweight recipe is wholesome and energizing.

3) Oud Wood Body Oil Perfume For Men by Tom Ford Scented Fragrance (1oz)

Introduced with a distinctive and exceptional fragrance of Oud Wood, this luxurious lightweight oil smooths on for a nurturing and reconditioning experience.

Invigorate and renew the skin with Tom Ford Oud Wood, a nurturing body oil that incorporates tropical oud wood’s addictive and stimulating aroma.

It releases a warm, smoky aroma and supports soothed and hydrated skin as it is applied to the body. As one of the most costly scent ingredients on the planet, this oud oil is well known for consuming incense.

The sweet-smelling, woody bouquet can boost the feelings, and this splendid body oil unquestionably accomplishes that point. Its rich, magnificent aroma will stay the entire day, instilling confidence and smoothness.

4) TOM FORD Shimmering Body Oil – Limited Edition

Catch the steamy impact of sun-kissed summer skin with this fragrant shimmer oil by Tom Ford. Shimmering body oil doubles up as an addictive aroma, improved with botanical amber and sandalwood.

Particularly in the sun, it gives a very modest shine. The natural ingredients slither onto your skin in a luxurious and lightweight equation that likewise goes about as a skin illuminator.

Shimmers of platinum and gold leaf guarantee that the light gets your skin at the most complimenting point – similarly as overpowering as the ideal tan! Radiant, brilliant shine adds an overpowering shine to the skin, while the famous scent evokes the lighthearted erotic nature of white-sand seashores under an endless skyline.

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5) TOM FORD Private Blend Soleil Blanc Body Oil 250 ml

This sleek, lightweight oil levels on for a sustaining and rejuvenating experience, assisting condition skin and leave it looking brilliant.

By massaging a couple of drops onto the skin, the enrapturing scent wraps a bunch of white florals in a brilliant, amber sandalwood grasp—as enticing as a white-sand seashore, as compelling as the ideal tan.

Tom Ford’s most recent private blend creation proudly oozes the perpetual quest for sun and extravagance that defines Tom Ford Soleil.

This Body oil is very hydrating and stays the entire day by being extremely delicate on the skin. The oil delivers a striking scent along with a decent gleam to the skin. You can utilize this liquid gold once every week.


You will totally adore the above-mentioned Tom Ford body oils. Oud Wood is very inconspicuous and delicate however smells very luxurious and rich simultaneously.

It begins with a solid fiery Oud fragrance that dries down to a decent warm woodiness after about 60 minutes.

The fragrance does last since you will, in any case, get individuals asking what you are wearing late in the day. One thing is certain; Tom Ford’s oud wood body oils offer a stunning scent.