10 Best Oud Perfumes for Arabian Women

Fragrances and Arabs can never be separated from each other. The everlasting love for perfumes, attars and other types of fragrances can never be lower among the Arabian population. Some of the female population of the region have a love affair for the perfumes of their own choice.

They prefer the perfume products moreover food, and their unconditional love will remain intact until the production of perfumes from the pure and organic oud wood.

There are many oud perfumes which are very famous among the Arabian female population as well as the female population of other regions of the world. Some of the Arabian female perfumes brands which are highly rated at the amazon electronic store are described as under:

1) MADAWI (women)

Madawi (women) – Madawi has attracted the women of Arab and west towards itself due to its romantic and special type of aroma. Its smell is pleasant and has a long-lasting effect, its sweet and soothing smell lasts for days and days. This product is highly rated by customers on the giant electronic store amazon.


Hayati 5 – Hayati is an Arabian oud brand designed for the female tier of its customers. It has a floral fruity fragrance in the features of tropical fruits, litchi, sunflower and wild rose.

It is bottled in beautiful glass containers and packed in beautiful packaging material. Thus it is also presented as a gift for friends and family members upon special occasions. It is highly rated by its customers due to its unique characters.

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3) Arabian Oud Lamsa Spray for Women EDP

Lamsa spray – Lamsa spray is an alcoholic free product for Arabian women. It is also liked among Muslim women because they feel comfortable while offering prayers as well.

Its main ingredients contain aqua/water, perfume, benzyl salicylate, citronellol, linalool and many other materials. It is highly valued by its customers because of its good characters.

4) Shahrazad – Deodorant Perfumed Spray

Shahrazad – This product is launched in memory of Shahrazad. When the wife of the king of Baghdad betrays him, he started to trust no woman thereafter. But Shahrazad captured his thoughts and feelings by telling stories.

Thus this product is launched and dedicated to women. It has special features for women customers and highly rated on amazon electronic store. 

5) Nagham for Women EDP- 75 ML (2.5 oz)

Nagham – Nagham is an oud perfume for women. It is highly valued for its customers because of its unique and luxury features.

Customers have highly rated this product and it gained its fame among international customers. This is the reason it has won the global award for its success.

6) Tender EDP- 100 ML (3.4 oz) | by Arabian Oud

Tender Rose – Tender rose spray is a women product. It contains all the natural ingredients such as oud wood and sandalwood. Thus it is highly ranked by the amazon electronic store customers.

7) Arabian Oud Fatenah for Women EDP – Eau De Parfum 90ML (3.0 oz)

Fatenah – Arabian oud Fatenah is a product for women. It has a pleasant and long-lasting smell of in the flavours of mango, jasmine, rose and vanilla. It is made up of pure oud wood and categorized among bergamot, mandarins, peach, jasmine, violet, vanilla, sandalwood, musk and many others.

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8) Arabian Oud Mera Silver for Women EDP – Eau De Parfum 100ML (3.4 oz)

Mera Sliver – Mera Silver is a product for women. It is filled in very beautiful glass bottles and packed in very beautiful packing.

Thus it can be presented as a gift on religious and other events to the loved ones. It is made up of pure agarwood and highly rated by the customers due to its special character.

9) Arabian Oud Ghoroub Oil for Men and Women (Unisex) CPO

Ghoroub Oil – It is famous due to its special character and unique fragrance. It is categorized into White Saffron, Cinnamon, Orange Blossoms. A high preference is given by its customers and it is highly rated.

10) Kashmir By Arabian Oud

Kashmir Arabian Oud – Kashmir is a product of Arabian oud company. It is categorized among Japanese yuzu, plum, jasmine, musk, cedar, sandal and many others. It is highly ranked by amazon customers because of its pleasant and long-lasting fragrance.

Middle Eastern countries are well known as perfumes lovers in the world. Both the male and female population of the country are the lovers of every kind of perfumes products. Many Arabian fragrance companies are working in collaboration with famous western perfume companies.

Like the male component of the society, females equally participate in the manufacturing of perfumes. Almost all of the companies have a female department in it which research is being carried on about the preferences of female customers. Such products are well known on amazon not only among middle eastern women but the women customers of the world.

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