10 Best Oud Perfumes for Women

The customers across the globe have always appreciated the efforts for producing the quality of fragrances made from agarwood. This industry is in its growing phase and is expected to double soon. The best quality in terms of incense and aroma has attracted customers from the globe.

Its products for male and female portion of the society are highly regarded due to their specific preference for specific type of attracting aroma. The companies involved in the production of fragrances are very keen to produce while keeping the preferences of its customers in mind.

These products gain their popularity across the globe and are highly rated on the online stores such as Amazon and Alibaba. Some of the highly rated females perfume products are discussed at length here under:

1) Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray

Versace oud noir – Versace pour Homme oud noir is a product of Versace company. It has a very high classic fragrance and mostly used for honouring the gifts to the loved ones. This is one of the successful product of women department of Euro Italia company.

2) Comme des Garcons Wonderwood 0.3 oz Eau de Parfum Pour

Comme Des Garcons perfume wonderful – Due to a greater percentage of perfume oil, it has a sophisticated and long-lasting fragrance. A very special preference is given by the customers due to its unique characteristics.

This product is specially designed for female customers. Ingredients contain agarwood, cedarwood, sandalwood, cypress wood, cashmere, Madagascan pepper, bergamot, Somalian incense and much other material.

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This product contains very costly and high-quality material and this is why the most popular product among the female population is.

3) Acqua Di Parma Colonia Oud 5.oz / 150 ml Deodorant Spray

Aqua de parma Colonia oud – Aqua de parma is a very famous product among the perfume lovers of male customers.

The packing and bottling of the perfume are very impressive thus it can be presented as a gift to the loved ones and special people.

4) Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Oud Men 2 Piece Gift Set

Polo Ralph Lauren supreme oud – Polo ralphs Lauren is a female product. It is well known among the customers for using pure and organic material in its manufacturing. Its packaging material is also impressive and attractive. Its ingredients contain pink pepper, smoky Indian oud accord, guaiac wood, vetiver and many others.


Tom Ford Oud Minerale – Tom Ford Oud Minerale is a very highly rated product on the amazon electronic store. It is a very famous company for using high-quality material in it. Customers give preference and feel the owner of using such a costly and well-known perfumes of the time.

6) Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette, 1.6 Fl Oz

Hugo boss bottled oud – Hugo boss is a perfume with the intense and long-lasting smell. It is made up of purely natural products and highly recognised by its customers.

It attracts its valued customers through various types of beautiful bottling and packing material. It is a product of UK based company and earns the best fame and reviews among its male customers.

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7) Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Oud Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml/3.4oz

Tom ford tobacco oud – Tom Ford is a unisex product that can be used by men and women. Its main ingredients are agarwood and sandalwood.

Because of its naturality, it is highly valued by its customers. Customers on the electronic store amazon have rated it four out of five.

8) Byredo Oud Immortel Eau De Parfum Spray 50ml/1.6oz

Byredo oud immortal – Byredo Oud Immortel is a product for men and women too.  It is launched in 2010 but still a successful product because of its unique characters. These characters contain a woody fragrance, charismatic and long-lasting aromatic smell.

9) Christian Dior Leather Oud Cologne for Men 4.25 oz Spray

Christian Dior leather oud – Christian Dior leather oud is a product designed for men and women. It is a highly rated product by amazon customers due to its high quality and unique fragrance. Its beautiful packing design attracts new customers towards itself. It is made up of pure and natural ingredients.

10) Creed Royal Oud By Creed Eau De Parfum Spray 4 Oz

Creed Royal Oud – The creed royal oud is a symbol of luxury for its special customers.  Its main ingredient is extracted from agarwood that is available in only certain parts of India.

This product is especially valued across the continents among the royal families as well as other customers. This product is available for both men and women.

Oud perfumes have a significant position in the world perfume market. Agarwood (oud) perfumes made up from the naturally converted agarwood have special recognition due to its everlasting characters. Every time the customers seeks new features and pleasant long-lasting smell in upcoming brands.

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The companies involved in the production of perfumes tries its best to produce with new qualities based on market research. This is the prime reason that the perfumes made up from the oud are highly regarded, highly appreciated, highly preferred and highly rated by the customers around the world.