Five Best Tom Ford Oud Wood Moisturizers

Tom Ford has been the legend when it comes to the beauty and fashion arena. The world knows the name by perfection and it won’t be wrong to say that he really knows luxe packaging and statement products. He has a set name in the world and people long to buy his products as he launches any. As for the beauty line, amongst the many hot selling products, moisturizers are all-time favorites all year round.

Following are the 5 best and most wanted Tom for moisturizers:

1) Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Body Moisturizer – 150ml/5oz

If one is looking for a fresher scent with rich perfumed and moisturizing body cream, tom ford’s oud wood moisturizer never disappoints. It is a rich hydrating formula infused with natural ingredients like rose wood, cardamom, and obviously the fine and one of the rarest ingredients, oud wood, to give the Smokey blend to the whole scent it holds.

The sensuous fragrance awakens your body senses leaving skin feel supple and rich. Tonka beans and amber wood tends to add the warmth to the infused sensuality. This rich moisturizing cream by tom ford nourishes the skin leaving it hydrated and smooth all day long. It is further known to improve the over all texture as it dissolves into the skin not making it over greasy or sticky over skin.

2) Tom Ford Private Blend Neroli Portofino Body Moisturizer 150ml/5oz

With the hype it generates, it beats all levels of being the best moisturizer by tom ford. With the fine texture and luxurious scent, it happens to be the most hydrating option. The packaging itself is a luxe elegance with teal shiny colored tube and gold screen print text. The citric scent due to the crisp citric oils, amber undertones and floral notes make the unimaginable yet most wanted scent with undeniable lightweight hydrating formula.

The rich creamy texture nourishes the skin feeling plumped and moisturized without leaving a greasy texture all day long. The scent is not so overpowering thus caters to both men and women. Not just that, it also happens to be wholesome for your skin due to the natural ingredients used like grape seed oil, olive fruit extract, and date seed oil.

3) Tom Ford Intensive Infusion Daily Moisturizer 50Ml

Tom ford skin moisturizers are an experience worth a try. They are promising to the skin infused with deep luxurious active formulation with ingredients proven to improve skin texture and appearance.

The potent combination of selected nutrients helps the skin replenishes the natural energy and rejuvenation mechanism leaving the skin resilient and smooth. The scent is another add on to the whole game-changing moisturizer, which makes one feel amazing all day long.

4) Tom Ford Tom ford for men oil-free daily moisturizer, 1.7oz, 1.7 Ounce

This hydrating and conditioning moisturizer targets men and features a lightweight highly absorbing formula that doesn’t leave the skin greasy for the fact men have to spend hours at work it still proves to be the best.

The calming luxurious butter blends reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines further improving the overall texture of skin leaving it polished, toned and re-energized. It maybe used any time of the day, and only a small dab goes a long way.

5) Tom Ford White Patchouli Hydrating Body Lotion 2.5 Oz

With all the other great products by tom ford, the moisturizers are still winning the game till date. White patchouli is one of the rare exotic scented moisturizers that leave the skin hydrated without leaving a thick layer of body that feels like oil. The fine blend of ingredients makes a generous scent and amazing texture of the moisturizer liked by many. If you haven’t yet tried it, you must do it today!

Final Verdict:

Moisturizers are one of the necessary vanity item regardless of the gender. Amongst many that are battling to win the chaos of preference, tom ford has proven to be the best making the most comforting and fine scented formula to help improve skin texture leaving it hydrated and soft for the entire day. Investing into body products should not be a matter of cheap buying or discussion that neglects the after affects. Thus advancing to buy a one-time luxurious product is definitely a great call to make.