Why Is Tom Ford Oud Wood So Expensive?

Oud, also called Oudh, has guaranteed its seat as one of the most costly and sought-after ingredients in the scent industry.

With warm pleasantness, blended in with woody, balsamic musky, and animalic notes, you would adore everything about Oud’s aromatic fragrance.

Western perfumers, including Tom Ford, have jumped on the smoky path of oud in the modern-day trend, adding an oud note to its collection.

Brief History

Oud is a fundamental oil that originates from the wood of the Southeast Asian Agar tree. What makes this fundamental oil so fascinating and costly is that a particular parasitic mold must contaminate the wood of this particular tree.

The tree at that point normally responds to this parasite by creating a dim, fragrant resin to secure itself.

The heartwood of this diseased, resin-filled Agarwood tree is refined to make the intricate, rich, and expensive Oud oil that is included in the modern aroma world.

Oud is much rarer and subsequently expensive because just 2% of Agarwood trees become contaminated with this form. Moreover, it can take as long as 40 years for those trees to be immersed with the resin.

At that time, the tree is fit to be felled and transformed into valuable Oud Oil. Nonetheless, as its resin gets progressively rare, the cost and request of the cultural aroma keep on growing.

The Value of Tom Ford Oud Wood

The yearly Oud market collects around $6 billion, and its worth is regularly assessed as one-and-a-half times the estimation of gold.

Thus, it is in some cases referred to as “liquid gold.” Oud retailers like Tom Ford usually sell a 3-gram bottle for $300 or more.

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The scent is contained in numerous assorted lookouts. It is impactful yet exceptionally satisfying, summoning warm, smoky notes with hints of hosed wood.

Despite the intricacy mixed with hints of flower and fruit, the prevalent fragrance is musky and erotic.

The sophisticated and dazzling scent of Oud is a valuable, exceptional, and fascinating gift of nature when mixed with other basic oils, makes an olfactory encounter that penetrates any interior environment with a feeling of lavishness, extravagance, and incomparable solace.

The Use Of Oudh In Modern Perfumery

In today’s age of complex scent creations, Oud has achieved impressive interest and prevalence.

Oud is a well-established ingredient that has been famous in Asia and the Middle East for quite a long time and has now taken over the west.

Lately, some acclaimed designers have dispatched their own aromas using this esteemed basic oil. One such model incorporates Tom Ford’s Oud Wood.

In the case of aroma arrangement, Oud is regularly a base note, which will generally stay on the skin long after the other notes scatter.

Since they structure the aroma’s establishment, base notes are vibrant, hefty, and enduring (more than six hours).

They serve to improve the aroma of different ingredients, and they bestow a scent of their own.

While most wood notes are known for their persistent characteristics, Oud gives a wonderful sweet aroma and is frequently included in a manufactured adaptation since it is quite expensive to reap.

Tom Ford and Their Use of Oud

Tom Ford is a maker, producer, and provider of oud aromas and is in an interesting situation as both a pioneer and a leader of the scent industry.

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Tom Ford is careful in its determination of fundamental oils, which consistently establish any new scent.

Tom Ford’s glorious and full-bodied aroma summons the fragrance of antiquated Empires, giving the wearer a privileged air.

Oud fragrances are warm and groundbreaking, ideal for day and night in autumn or winter. With a mix of warm and zesty notes, they are balsamic, fragrant, and subside with the aroma of Oud lingering.

Tom Ford cologne is intended for genuine cologne enthusiasts. Oud wood opens with a natural fragrance making an arousing experience.

Oud is depicted as one of the most manageable and modest aromas, which Tom Ford puts his name on.

A scent requests quality, yet not attention. You get both from Tom Ford. Due to its quality, individuals discuss the tons of praises they get from it, right, to how it is blended perfectly together.


If you are a fragrance enthusiast and need a signature scent for yourself that is genuinely life-changing, you will cherish Oud because of the mystery and delicacy of this ingredient.

Tom Ford is the utmost famous for its colognes, so don’t be shy to get your hands on the oud wood collection. Anything Tom Ford is offering currently in Oud resembles the Porsche of men’s cologne.

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