5 Best Oud Wood Oil Perfume for Men – Recommended By Users


If not heard about Agarwood, you are not alone because it is the most popular in Middle East Oud, also known as Agarwood or Eagle Wood. Agarwood is now catching in the western world and importing from South East Asian courtiers such as India, Cambodia, China, and others.

Agarwood can be formed from the infected resins of the Aquilaria tree, and this tree grows in South East Asia. When the fungus attack infects the tree, it starts to produce dark resins that help the Aquilaria produce the Agarwood.

There are many products available in the name of Agarwood, but the quality of these products is dependent on the source origin of Agarwood. Aquilaria tree cultivated in India has the best quality of Agarwood throughout the world. Products made by Indian Agarwood have known as the best products and are very expensive.

Agarwood oil is the main ingredient for expensive perfumes, and nowadays, many perfume brands using this oil in perfumes.

Five best Oud wood oil perfume for men:

If you search for the best Agarwood products, you have to choose the Indian Agarwood products. We will discuss the best Agarwood Oil perfumes for men.

1) Oud Maknoon Eau de Parfum (45mL) :

This perfume is available with the brand name “Swiss Arabian,” and the main ingredient of this perfume is Oud wood oil.  The weight of this perfume is 0.52 Grams and is available in attractive packing.

The blend used in this perfume is Oud Maroon and amber; it brings a new luxury smell and recognizes exceptional golden Oud layers. 

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If you order from Amazon, then the brand is offering free shipment in the USA.

2) AVON Premiere Luxe Oud Eau de Parfum For Him Natural Spray 75ml – 2.5oz:

The sprays the best fragrance for men and is made by premium Luxe Oud.  It is available in the market with the brand name of premium Luxe Oud. 

Packed in an attractive black bottle and has several 75ml.

3) Sandalia (Sandalwood/Sandalo) Perfume Oil 95mL:

It is the most luxurious perfume with the blend of Middle East; ideal for layering with other Swiss Arabian Range and standalone products.  This perfume is made from 100% natural sources and alcohol-free.

Perfume is a very long-lasting spray with an excellent silage rating.  If you are an artist and want to collect Swiss Arabian Perfume, consider the sample order.

4) Santi Burgas PALINDROME III Perfume

This perfume is the composition of overflying and layers inspired by Osmanthus.  The beautifully crafted luxury cologne is evidence of heightened delight to the senses.

This spray is a unique combination of two different Osmanthus absolutes that can provide the contrasting interplay between colorful and joyful fruity accents. A surprising touch of black olive improves the composition as a haunting element.

5) NAWAF Eau de Parfum 50mL Spray

This perfume has the main ingredients of Tobacco Leave, Leather, Saffron, Agarwood, Sandal, and Musk.  It is available in the form of spray with a weight of 15.7 Ounces; sold on the brand name of Swiss Arabian.

It is a long-lasting perfume with an excellent rating, ideal for all seasons.  Nawaf is part of Swiss Arabian Exotic perfume with a specialization in Oud fragrance.

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A massive variety of Oud Perfumes above discussed items are the best Oud perfumes in the US market. If you are looking for the best Oud products, then the best Indian Oud is known as the world’s best Oud.

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