Is Agarwood the same as oud? (Explained)

What is Agarwood?

Agarwood is a costly wood mostly growing in some Asian countries and produced from Aquilaria trees.

This tree is most unique in the world because it took 5-7 years to grow naturally, demand for Agarwood is increasing day by day throughout the world. But the supply of Agarwood is limited and not available in proportion to demand.

It is a universal truth that when the demand for any product increases from its supplies, then prices of that product will increase in active markets.

If you want to cultivate this tree by modern techniques, its plantation process will be costly and not easy to produce the Agarwood.

The primary reason for increasing the demand for Agarwood is Oud oil in some expensive perfumes.

Oud oil can increase the worth of that perfumes and become the perfume of a unique product in the market.

Is this a very debatable topic that Agarwood and Oud are the same things or not? Many questions arise when about the similarities between Agarwood and Oud. Your question will be in the following questions.

  1. What is the difference between Agarwood and Oud?
  2. Are both products are the same?
  3. If both are the same then, why have different names?
  4. If they are different products, what is the difference between Agarwood and Oud?

If your question is different from the above questions, don’t worry, we will discuss this topic deeply and clear all questions regarding Agarwood and Oud.

What is the difference between Agarwood and Oud?

Agarwood and Oud are the same resins of the Aquilaria tree. The difference is Agarwood and Oud is due to different languages used in different geographical locations.

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Agarwood has been named according to its geographical location and substance.

You don’t need to worry about the difference between Agarwood and Oud because Agarwood is known as Oud in Middle East Asia.  In the southeast, Asia Agarwood is known as Gaharu.

In China, Agarwood is known as “Chen Xiang.”

In Japan, Agarwood is known as “Jinkoh.”

In India, it is known as Agarwood.

Agarwood is an Arabic word used for both Aquilaria tree’s spices, and for these spices, western countries use Oud or Oudh.

Irrespective of its name and Geographical existence, it is a unique spice of the Aquilaria tree and becoming a rare product globally.

So we don’t waste your time or confuse ourselves in the difference between Agarwood or Oud. There is no considerable difference between both.

We hope that your confusion about Agarwood and Oud will be eliminated, and now we will discuss some important uses of Agarwood or Oud.

What are the main uses of Agarwood or Oud?

  1. Oud oil is used in some medicines.
  2. Agarwood is used as an ingredient in some expensive perfumes and scents.
  3. Agarwood is used for some antique jewelry like Bracelets and Rings.
  4. Agarwood is also used for some expensive beads.
  5. Agarwood oil is useable for Skincare.
  6. It is cultivated for trading and earnings.


Now, we come toward the conclusion of our debate on the difference between Agarwood and Oud.

All of our above discussion leads toward the importance of Agarwood or Oud rather than confusion between two different names.

We have to concentrate on your core objective related to Agarwood and clear the mind from the distinction between Agarwood or Oud.

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There is also a probability that Agarwood has many other names according to its geographical existence in different countries or geographical locations.

If Agarwood or Oud is known with a different name in your country or location, please leave a comment for us. It will be our pleasure and your greatness.