How long does it take to grow oud wood (Agarwood)?

What is Agarwood?

Agarwood is an expensive wood in South East Asia and also known as Gaharu. Agarwood is used in perfumes, religious events, and traditional medicines.  Agarwood belongs to the genus Aquilaria, this tree is very fast growing rather than other natural forest trees. 

 Aquilaria can grow only on a wide type of soil on the above level of Sea.  Agarwood is a very popular throw-out in the world. In the early stages, this was famous in some Asian countries and used by Royal families or events. But with the passage of time demand for Agarwood is continuously increasing and nowadays it becomes the most popular wood in the World. 

Agarwood is also known as the “wood of God” and traded in many countries in the world. Agarwood oil is used as an ingredient in perfumes. This oil is one of the most expensive ingredients of perfumes.

Substitute of Agarwood:

As discussed above the importance of Agarwood and demand for these three has been increasing continuously, due to the high demand for this wood sometimes supplies might not be equal to demand. Agarwood is a natural resource and as know natural resources are decreasing in today’s global environment although the world going toward modernizations.

 The substitute of Agarwood is some chemicals, these chemicals might be used as a substitute for Agarwood oil in perfumes but these chemicals might not replace Agarwood oil. Because Agarwood is a unique and natural resource, so its importance might not be ignored.

After the brief introduction and discussion of the importance of Agarwood now, we come toward our core topic, how long does Agarwood take to grow?

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How long does Agarwood take to grow oud wood?

Agarwood grows in natural habits and as you know in today’s technical growths trend natural resources hampered and regeneration of Aquilaria tree is also decreasing, whereas the demand for Agarwood is continuously increasing.

Agarwood seems like a diamond when people hear about Agarwood. Because this wood is rare to find, many hunters take the risk of life to get some pieces of Agarwood.  Although some sustainable processes have been introduced to grow the Agarwood it usually takes the following time frame to grow naturally.

  • Aquilaria trees took 5-7 years to produce resins.
  • Only 85% of trees can survive to produce the Agarwood tree, on average.
  • If the Aquilaria tree is cut down then it takes approximately 10 years to be ready for producing the usable Agarwood.
  • The large plantation can reduce the shortage of Agarwood but it is an expensive method to grow the Aquilaria trees.

Above mentioned time period is for the growth of the Aquilaria tree not forgetting the final product you require. When you purchase Agarwood incense from the shop. It is difficult that you find any scent from it.  Because the scent is sharp.

Some precautions to Use Agarwood:

As you know Agarwood is a very expensive product and if you have any product of Agarwood, you have to familiar with the following points.

  1. If you have Agarwood beads, keep away your beads from water, because due to emerging in the water your beads can be damaged.
  2. Use your beads just like a Rolex watch, although it is a waterproof product but emerging in water can damage it.
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According to our above discussion, we can conclude that Agarwood is unique in the world and if you want to cultivate the Aquilaria tree then you have invested a considerable amount. Because due to natural growth it took too much time and can’t produce according to its demand.

Its demand is also increasing in some European and American countries for using the Oud oil in expensive perfumes.

I hope this article will clear all your questions related to Agarwood’s growth, please leave a comment for any additional information required for Agarwood.