What does Agarwood smell like?

What is Agarwood?

If you are searching for Agarwood’s smell then it is essential for you to know some things about Agarwood, first. Because when you will be familiar with Agarwood then you will be able to understand Agarwood’s smell.

Agarwood is also known as Oud and it is a highly precious resin for Aquilaria tree found in the Middle East. The Agarwood is produced from the genus of the Aquilaria tree and belongs to the Thymelaceae family.  When the Aquilaria tree is infected and the infection moves from trunks to the roots of the tree, make the wood black or dark brown. This infected wood is highly demanded in the world for making different products.

Workers/ Hunter cut the infected pieces of Aquilaria tree which were used to exact the resins.  They dip this part of the wood in water and for a few days and then leave it to dry for 3-4 days.  These can be used to produce Agarwood or Oud oil. Agarwood is also used in some medicines and expensive jewelry.

What are the Oud Cultures?

In eastern cultures, Oud Oil is used at the time of prayers when they want to close God.  The smell of Oud Oil is linked with Scared and that’s why Oud is known as “Wood of the God”.  In Saudi Arabia Oud oil is used for the long-lasting effect of Oud oil. They use the perfumes produced by Oud’s Oil. Therefore, Hindus and Muslims used the perfumes of Agarwood’s Oil, when they go to their holy places.

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In Morocco, the Agarwood oil is used for some reserved or special events, such as Muslims of Morocco use the Agarwood at the birthday of their Prophet. This is used for medication to make deeper and spiritual with a heady fragrance.

What does Agarwood smell like?

Agarwood is usable in many products and each product has its own smell and this smell might be different due to the geographical growth of the Aquilaria tree. We will discuss the consequences of some products with their smells.

Agarwood Beads:

Agarwood is used to make the beads and these beads are used as jewelry. The smell of Agarwood beads is light but detectable when the distance of the product will be close to your nose.  The smell of these beads is mainly sweet and spicy.

Agarwood Beads were mostly used for spiritual purposes in some religions at the time of prayers.

Agarwood Incenses:

The smell of this scent is stronger and covers a large area than Agarwood beads. The smell of Agarwood Incenses is detectable from the range of 20cm and fill the place of 10 meters on the burning of one stick. This smell remains for five minutes after burning the stick.

The smell of Agarwood Incense is woody uplifting, sweet, and similar to a campfire. This smell is used for yoga medications and olfactory enjoyment.

Agarwood Tea:

Aquilaria’s leaves can be used in tea, and the smell of tea is like refreshing herbal leaves.

Agarwood tea is used for constipation, body detox, and cleansing.

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Agarwood Oil:

Agarwood oil can be produce from infected wood of the Aquilaria tree and produce a penetrating and complex smell.  The use of Agarwood oil for fragrance will create an aura around you and one drop of oil will provide the smell for the whole day.

The complexity of smell depends on different parts of the tree and variation in smell can be by country or origin of Aquilaria trees.


The smell of Agarwood is very unique and mostly used for fragrances in different countries and religions. Agarwood is not only used for smell or fragrances it is also used for some medicines and some expensive jewelry. The demand for Agarwood is continuously increasing due to considerable benefits in our routine life.