What is the benefit of Agarwood Oil?

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Agarwood or Oud oil, before going toward our topic it is essential to know about Agarwood or Oud.

What is Agarwood?

Agarwood is a unique wood and produced from the Aquilaria tree. This tree grows in the forests of some Asian countries and takes 5-7 years to produce the Agarwood. Aquilaria tree grows on 1000 meters of sea level and the best country for the production of Agarwood is Vietnam.

This is demanded wood in the world and many countries using this wood for producing the different products.  This wood was founded thousands of years ago and was useable by some royal families in earlier centuries, overtime use of this wood increased due to considerable benefits.

Due to the high demand for Agarwood in the world now some countries started to grow Agarwood by using modern cultivation techniques. The prices of Agarwood doesn’t decrease due to new cultivation techniques. Because the new cultivation process includes considerable expenses and ready to produce Agarwood in 2-3 years.

How can identify the Original Agarwood Oil?

There is also a difference in the quality of cultivated Agarwood and naturally grown Agarwood. Many sayings cultivated Agarwood has a lower quality level than naturally grown. The consumers also prefer to use naturally grown Agarwood rather than cultivated Agarwood.

It is also a difficult task to identify the original Agarwood oil in the oil market. Because due to considerable demand in the market some traders started to cheat the consumers and introduce many fake products in the name of Agarwood or Oud Oil.

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If you want to buy an original Agarwood oil then smell the Agarwood oil to assess the Agarwood oil is adulterated or not. If you are not familiar with the adulteration of Oud oil then you can use the below technique to assess the Agarwood’s oil.

Take a drop of Agarwood oil and swipe the oil behind your neck, if you feel warm then this would be adulterated oil. But if feel cold then the oil would not be the original oil.

What are the benefits of Agarwood Oil?

There are many benefits of Agarwood oil, which become the Agarwood most demanding product in the world. We will discuss some benefits of Agarwood in this article.

Attain Inner peace with Agarwood Oil:

As you know, Oud oil is a unique oil and used to rescue. This oil helps to offer healing from emotional trauma and highly powerful effect on electrical frequencies of the brain.

Support the Digestive System:

Man researchers concluded that this oil is effective for protecting the Bacteria.  Bacteria often become the cause of death and Oud oil is used to freshen the breath.

Beneficial for Breast Cancer:

It investigated that Oud is useable as an anticancer product. It is useable to inhabit the growth of MCF-7 cancer cells of the breast.  The researchers also demonstrate that Oud oil is beneficial as an anti-therapy against breast cancer.

Beneficial for Skin Health:

Oud oil is anti-inflammatory and beneficial for the skin condition, swelling, features redness, and puffiness. Many skin specialists suggest the use of Agarwood oil to protect the skin from many diseases.

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Used to enhance the Medication:

This plays an important role to grow your meditative practices.  This oil is useable for thousands of years in spiritual uses and a pathway to a deeper self and doorway to the others.


Oud oil has many benefits, which can’t be described in a single article so in short, we will move toward the conclusion of our discussion that Oud or Agarwood oil has considerable benefits in our life. Agarwood oil is also known as gold, because of its considerable benefits in human life.

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