Why Does Oud Smell So Bad? (Explained)

What is Oud Smell?

Let’s start our discussion; what is Oud smell and where it comes from? Oud is also known as Agarwood and can be produced from precious resins of the Aquilaria tree.

The resinous wood of the Aquilaria tree goes from odorless to dark, soft, and aromatic to produce the Agarwood. Aquilaria trees can grow in some Asian countries.

The hunters or workers cut down the infected part of the Aquilaria tree into small flakes and used them in resins. They dip these resins in water for some days and then leave to dry for 2 to 3 days, and at the end, you extract the resin by applying different processes.

They obtain different resin qualities, and the final product is an essential oil with an enveloping scent. The remaining wood is left to dry to making more resins.

The best quality of Oud can be produced from organically grown Aquilaria trees without using any chemicals. Many traders used some chemicals and injections to grow the Aquilaria tree, which decreases the productivity and quality of Oud products.

What is Oud Scent itself?

Oud scent is a promoted product by perfume lovers due to its glowing freshness, balsamic and woody notes.  It is a sophisticated fragrant and perfume.

It can be produced by Oud oil, which is also known as “ Dehn al Oud”  or “ Oud Mubarkhar.”  During the production of Oud scent, Oud can be used as a base note in scents.

Why does Oud smell so bad?

There is a clear perception that Oud is divided into different opinions; it one of the most important ingredients of the perfume, which can be used to clutch the scream and pearls. The Oud users are willing to pay I higher cost against the original organic products of Oud.

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There is also a perception that Women dislike Oud perfumes. Because the smell of Oud attractive and costly but rarely attract to compliment the opposite genders.

Women of the US often think that smell of Oud is bad because they don’t receive any compliments from their opposite gender after wearing the Oud products. Simultaneously, People of the US and Europe, like the smell of Oud and Oud, are becoming the most popular globally.

The Oud Cultures:

In Eastern cultures, people use the Oud during the moments of their prayers, intending to go closer the God.  In earlier centuries, some royal families used the Oud for fragrance and medicines in Asia. Muslims burn the wood of Oud in mosques for fragrance; Hindus used Oud wood in their temples to be closer with their God.

Due to the mixed formulation of perfumes in today’s world, Oud becomes the most popular product for fragrance. Many perfume brands and traders launched their expense perfumes and scents using cherished essential oil.

When Oud is used in scents or perfumes, it is deemed the base note for perfume, which remains a long time rather than other chemicals or artificial products. When you wear the Oud products, the fragrance will remain for up to six hours.


We hope your question “Why does Oud smell bad?” will be cleared, and we will be familiar with Oud’s smell and its products. Oud has a unique smell and becoming the most famous product throughout the world due to its unique smell.

A small group of people dislikes or hates the smell of Oud due to its complexity. But in the majority of cases, the smell of Oud is appreciated and liked by its users.

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Oud is very rare in the world; there are limited sources to get organic Oud. Because due to the deforesting trend, Oud becomes rare globally, and its demand is continuously increasing.