Which Country has the best Oud? All You Need to Know

What is Oud?

Oud is also known as black gold, prized, and pungent fragrance ingredients produced from one of the world’s most expensive and rarest wood in the Middle East. Despite the Middle East, Agarwood comes from South East Asia.

In English, Oud is known as Agarwood, which can be produced from the Aquilaria tree originates. The Aquilaria tree only grows in South East Asia, originally.  It has been using for thousands of years in Middle East Asia in wooden chips and incense for fragrance.

The smell tastes of Agarwood have Acquired tastes and vary from person to person.

The wood of God:

The most demanded Agarwood is from India and is known as Oud in Hindi. Follow by those from Malaysia and Cambodia.  It is the rarest wood in the world, and in ancient culture, it is also known as the wood of God.

In some countries, a Kilo Gram of Agarwood is expensive than A Kilo of gold, depending on the rarity and quality of wood. The main reason for the rarity of Agarwood is the depletion of Aquilaria trees in the world.

The Aquilaria tree is only valuable if it is infected by fungus. This infection of fungus becomes the cause of producing the resins which create the Agarwood.  Usually, an Aquilaria tree took 40 years to produce a higher volume and good quality of Agarwood.

Some countries have made it illegal to cut down the Aquilaria tree due to the rarity of this tree.  Malaysia is the main exporter of Agarwood, and Indonesia has introduced the export quota for Agarwood.

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The scent of Home:

Oud has a considerable value in the Asian market from earlier centuries. The Arab’s traditions to wear the Agarwood during the Eid event and welcome the guests in their homes at special events. They also burn the Agarwood for fragrance.

It is also part of the tradition when you greet a guest with Agarwood’s fragrance to give the value to greeting if you burn some Agarwood pieces in your home.

Which Country has the best Oud?

Oud can be produced from many countries of Asia, but the quality of Oud may vary from country to country. Each country has its own specification for producing the Agarwood or Oud. The best quality of Oud is the wood taken from the naturally grown Aquilaria tree.

Some countries started to grow the Aquilaria tree through modern cultivation techniques. But there is variation in the quality of Agarwood in naturally grown Aquilaria trees and cultivated Aquilaria trees.

The most demanded Agarwood in the world can be produced from naturally grown Agarwood, and its quality is also rare in the world. Due to the rarity of naturally grown Agarwood, it has become the most expensive wood globally.

The highest quality of Agarwood can be found in the countries of Indochina. Indochina, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam is the best producers of Agarwood in the world.  Assam, a province of India, also has considerable value to produce a high quality of Agarwood.


Agarwood is very rare globally, so many traders started to sell fake or lower quality products in the market. The reason for the value of Agarwood and its products is its uniqueness. If you are searching for Agarwood or an integrated product of Agarwood, then you have to be familiar with the quality of Agarwood.

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Agarwood produced and exported from Indochina countries has the best quality of products globally, and these countries are also the main exporters of Agarwood in the world.

We hope that we will be familiar with the countries providing the best quality Agarwood in the world and can only choose these countries to obtain the highest quality of Agarwood.