How Long does Agarwood Take to Mature?

In this article, we will discuss “how long does Agarwood take to mature?” before moving toward our topic, you need to know some important information regarding Agarwood.

You have to be familiar with Agarwood and how it has been grown, and the benefits of Agarwood.

What is Agarwood?

Agarwood is a unique wood and produced from the Aquilaria tree. This tree is often found in some Asian countries.  Agarwood is popular due to its unique fragrance.

In the earlier century’s kings and queens used this wood for their special events. Agarwood is also used to burn for fragrance and Jewelry.

Aquilaria tree grows 1000 meters above sea level and grows in extensive kind of soil. This tree is mostly grown in some Middle Asian Countries, such as Vietnam, India, China, and Cambodia.

Aquilaria tree requires shadow and good quality of water for growth. It takes four years to produce seeds and flowers if they grow naturally.

Aquilaria trees cannot be grown everywhere in the world. It requires some specific ingredients of soil and water to grow. That is the main reason for the uniqueness of Agarwood and becoming rare nowadays.

What are the Usages of Agarwood?

This wood has many benefits in our life due to considerable benefits, and It is also known as the wood of God. 

Agarwood can be used as incense in medicines, Jewelry, and fragrance.  The water of the Aquilaria tree is used as an essential oil, and this oil becomes the ingredient of some expensive perfumes.

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Agarwood is also popular for religious activities in many religions because faith healers used Agarwood at curative events.

The Japanese used the flowers of Aquilaria flowers and oil to donate to the Shinto Buddhist temple. Muslims used Agarwood in their mosques at the time of prayer for fragrance.

Aga wood is also used in some expensive jewelry due to its unique shining and fragrance.  Oud oil is also used in some expensive perfumes. Many rich people use this perfume in their routine life.

How Long does Agarwood Take to Mature?

Aquilaria trees took 5-7 years on average to grow naturally before being inoculated to produce resin.

After being inoculated, only 85% of trees can survive and take two years to produce resins. So for high-quality Agarwood, it took 3.5 years to harvest.

Once an Aquilaria tree is cut down, it takes approximately ten years to grow again on the same roots. It takes more time for a planted tree or tree to grow from seed.

There is also the option of the large plantation through modern cultivation techniques, but it is the most expensive option to harvest the Aquilaria tree.

The cultivated Aquilaria tree can approximately produce Agarwood for 2-3 years, but it is costly to harvest.

Modern cultivation requires some expensive chemicals and injections to grow the Aquilaria. If you want to grow the Aquilaria tree in 2-3 years, then there is an option to cultivate the Aquilaria tree.


As you know, Agarwood is becoming a rare product worldwide due to its low production rate and time for growth.

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Because naturally grown Aquilaria tree takes 5-7 years to produce the Agarwood, it is costly to produce Agarwood when you go toward cultivation.

If you can bear the cost of cultivation, you can produce the Agarwood in a shorter period. If you go toward cultivation, you can earn quickly, and your cost will recover in a shorter period because there is a huge market of Agarwood in the world, where you can sell your agarwood products and raw material in different forms and shapes.

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