Top 5 Agarwood Essential oil Importers – Who Are They?

Background of Agarwood (Oud):

Aquilaria malaccensis is one of fifteen species of the Aquilaria family. It is a large green tree growing over 15-30 meters tall and has a width of 1.5-2.5m. Aquilaria has white flowers and Malaccensis spices in the genus Aquilaria.

There are many names of Agarwood in the world Aloeswood, Kalamabak, Gaharu, and Eaglewood. Agarwood is a highly demanded wood in the world for Medicines, perfumes, and incense.

Some expensive perfume brands using the Oud oil in their perfumes as raw material because Oul oil has a unique and fresh smell. Agarwood is also an expensive wood in the world and can be grown in some Asian countries.

Agarwood Use and Trade:

Oud is traded in many raw forms, ranging from a large trunk section to finished products such as perfumes and incense. Trunk and branch sections are the most extensive form and are traded in the market.

The length of these trunks and tranches is 1-2 meters in length and 10-20Kg in weight. This section has a high cost in the market and also challenging to transfer from one place to another.

Agarwood flakes and chips are the most common form to trade in the Agarwood market. According to Agarwood experts, only 10-20% of Agarwood or large slab can be produced flakes and chips; the remaining can be sold for dust or powder for distillation.

The distinction between Flakes and Chips is also questionable. Flakes included the shavings and pieces that have broken during the transport or harvesting, as well as small pieces made deliberately.

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Agarwood is a valuable and frequently traded wood in the world. Oil is produced from lower-grade Agarwood powder and chips. In contrast, distillation is a cost-effective way to using the secondary products of Oud. The distillation process’s yield is meager compared to the cost and time and cost required for the distillation process.

Grading of Agarwood for Trade:

Oud is not a uniform product but possesses different characteristics. Agarwood can e classified into different grades on behalf of product quality and the country in which Agarwood is produced—the Agarwood derivatives and grades, such as Oud oil produced by a complex set of factors.

The value of Agarwood also depends on fragrance strength, country of origin, wood density, Product purity, color, and longevity.

The number and type of wood grades used within the home country may vary widely. 

Top 5 Agarwood essential oil importers:

Agarwood is demanded throughout the world, but we will discuss the top five importers of Agarwood in this article. These five countries are the leading importer of Indian Agarwood; as you know, Indian Agarwood is known as the best quality of wood globally.

Following are the top five countries that are importing Agarwood most frequently from the Indian Oud Market.

  1. Kuwait
  2. United Arab Emirates
  3. Singapore
  4.  Saudi Arabia
  5. Netherlands

These countries import large Agarwood from India, and their trade has a significant effect on Indian Oud Market.


Agarwood is the most demanded wood globally; in earlier centuries, this wood was only popular in some Asia countries and was accessed only by some royal families. In these centuries, to use of Agarwood was only for medicines and fragrance on holy places and royal palaces.

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Now it is demanded throughout the world, and many well-known perfume brands using Oud oil in their perfumes as a raw material. Oud is also used in some medicines and expensive pieces of jewelry.

If you want to export Agarwood and have any questions or queries regarding Agarwood export or import, please leave a comment for us. You may browse our blog for detailed information about Agarwood and its products.

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