What is the Benefit of Agarwood? 11 Benefit You Should Know

What is Agarwood?

Agarwood is the world of western perfumery by storm; Agarwood oil is useable in some expensive perfumes as a fixative and has a high price in the European market. 

Agarwood is formed in an evergreen tree called Aquilaria Tree, which is originated from India. Aquilaria is a genus of 15 species of trees called lign-aloes or lign aloes trees. They grow in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, New Guinea, and Borneo.

When the tree is attacked by fungus in its heartwood and responds against the fungus to protect itself. These resins give the formation of resinous heartwood, which is called the Oud or Agarwood.

Agarwood has been used in Japan, China, India, and some other Asian countries for centuries as incense, burnt in homes, religious places, and royal places. 

How is Resinous Heartwood formed in Aquilaria Tree?

It is an exciting part of our article when an ordinary tree’s death gives an extraordinary life to wood.  A deadly attack by a microorganism on a tree transforms the tree’s attacked part into priceless wood.

The infected part of the tree bores into the trunk of the remaining portion of the tree and makes tunnels inner side of a tree trunk.  The fungus enters the tree in a vertical hollow, sometimes in the zigzag form inside the stem, and serves as the initial site of the tree’s infected part.

Later on, the infection spread gradually, and a larger part of the tree produced the resinous wood.

What are the benefits of Agarwood?

There are many benefits of Agarwood, some of them we will discuss in our article.

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1) East Asian Medicines:

Agarwood is used as medicine in East Asia from earlier centuries, and it is used to arrest vomiting, relieve pain, the flow of Qi, and relieve asthma.

2) Chinese Medicines:

The powder of Agarwood is used in some Chinese medicines. This powder is also used in the production of pharmaceutical tinctures.

3) Use as Liniment:

Malaysian used Oud with Coconut oil as a Liniment. Indians and Chinese use this Liniment as a medicine for the treatment of skin diseases.

4) Rheumatism:

Oud oil is used in the concoction for the treatment of rheumatism and other painful diseases.

5) Kidney and Liver:

Oud oil is beneficial for the treatment of cirrhosis of kidney and liver problems.

6) Stomach and Lungs Tumors:

This oil is also used for the diseases of Stomach and Lungs Tumors.

7) Abdominal pain and smallpox:

Oud oil has been noted as a complex ointment for abdominal and smallpox complaints.

8) Pleurisy:

Agarwood is also used for the treatment of pleurisy in the medicinal text of Susrutha Samhita.

9) Indian Council:

The Indian council declared the properties of Agarwood as stimulant, tonic, carminative, antiasthmatic, astringent, and aphrodisiac.  It is used in dysentery, diarrhea, gout, paralysis, and rheumatism.

10) The crop-watch Organization:

The crop-watch Organization declared the benefits of Agarwood in Asian medical praxis as “warming,” to relieve stuck energy in the respiratory and digestive system.

11) Miscellaneous:

This oil is also used for illness after childbirth to relieve the respiratory and digestive spasms’ spasms. This oil is also beneficial for cancer diseases.

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Oud has considerable benefits in our life; due to those benefits, it is also known as the Wood of God. This oil is used in traditional medicines from earlier centuries, and some royal families of Asia used this wood for fragrance in their palaces and holy places.

This wood is the most expensive in the world, and it’s also the rarest woo in the world. Please leave a message for us if you have any questions about the benefits of Agarwood.