How Much is Agarwood’s Price Per Kg in Dubai? (All You Need to Know)


Agarwood is the most expensive wood in the world and can be originated from the Aquilaria tree. Aquilaria tree grows in some eastern countries. This wood is used in Asian countries since earlier centuries. The royal families burn this wood in their holy places and royal functions.

Agarwood is the rarest wood in the world due to the depiction trend of forests in the world. The supply of Agarwood is limited in the world, and only some countries producing Agarwood. But Demand for Agarwood is rising across the globe.

In the time of ancient people used Agarwood for fragrance and medicines; now, there are many products available in the market, increasing the demand for Agarwood in the world.

Agarwood is the most demanding and expensive product globally, and Agarwood Oil is used in costly perfumes and scents as the main ingredient.

The Trade and Use of Agarwood in Dubai:

In the Dubai Oud market, Agarwood is known as “Dihn al Oudh.”

Indian Agarwood:

Indian Agarwood is available in limited quantities in Dubai’s Oud market due to lower supply and export barriers from India.

Some traders also stated that Indian Agarwood is the best quality of Agarwood, but they mix the product from different range states to make the blended product. But customers demand 100% original Indian Oud oil.

Cambodia Agarwood:

There is a massive demand for Cambodian Agarwood in Dubai, and Cambodian Agarwood is known as the best alternative to Indian Oud.  Cambodia is supplying an enormous quantity of Agarwood to Dubai.

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According to a market report, Dubai is importing Agarwood from Cambodia since 2005. The Cambodian Government gave no given legal permission to export the Agarwood due to political instability.

Lao PDR Agarwood:

For the last ten years, Dubai importing Agarwood from Lao PDR, and supplies from the Lao PDR is also highly valuable in Dubai’s Oud market.

How much is the Agarwood price per kg in Dubai?

The price of Agarwood depends on the grade, origin, and quality of Agarwood. In Dubai, Indian Agarwood is deemed to be the most expensive product.

The cost of first grade Agarwood in Dubai is USD 100,000 per kilogram, almost twice the gold prices.  But now, the price of Oud has been decreased and is around USD 60,000 per kilogram.

There are cheap Agarwood products in Dubai. These Agarwood chips originated from cultivated Aquilaria trees. These chips have a comparatively lower price and quality than naturally grown Agarwood.

Qualities used different end products:

Lower Quality powder, shaving, and chips that stay from the categorization and grading stage are used to distill oil in Dubai. Once chips. Shaving and powder-distilled, they dried in used to manufacture Mahmool and Bukhoor for lower-priced fragrance market. 

Good quality Agarwood can be used during the grading process after distillation and used in higher quality perfumes. This quality of Agarwood is used in higher quality scents or fragrances, and this oil is known as Dihn al Oudh.


The prices of Agarwood depend on the quality and origin of Agarwood. If Agarwood is imported from India, then the product price will be higher than other products available in the market. If Agarwood is cultivated through modern cultivation techniques, then the product price will also be lower than naturally grown Agar trees.

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The naturally grown Agarwood products have a higher quality of products rather than cultivated Agarwood. Naturally grown Agarwood is rare due to the deforestation trend in the world.

Suppose you want to purchase Agarwood from Dubai. In that case, you have to determine the Agarwood’s origin before purchasing because the price and quality of Agarwood can be determined according to the origin of the Aquilaria tree.

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