Why is Agarwood The Most Expensive Oil? And How Much Does Pure Oud Oil Cost?


Agarwood oil can be produce from the resins of the Aquilaria tree. Agarwood is very rare in the world because only 7% of Aquilaria tree Agarwood. Aquilaria tree is also rare globally; Agarwood can be produced by the infected part of the Aquilaria tree.

As you know, Aquilaria is a forest tree and is often attacked by an external attack such as insects or animals, etc. The Aquilaria tree reacts against the attacks, which become the cause of producing the Agarwood.

Due to the considerable benefits of Agarwood, it is also known as the wood of God. There are many parts of Agarwood globally, which can be found in India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka. Indian Oud is known as perfect for perfumes globally and can be located in the North-East Indian States.

Why is Agarwood the most expensive oil?

The main reason for the higher cost of Agarwood is its rarity. As you know, it is not a standard product in the world.  The reason for the rarity of Agarwood or Aquilaria tree is the depletion of wild forests.

It will be surprising for you to know that only 2% of wild Agar Trees can produce Agarwood globally.

The experts stated that the oldest tree of Aquilaria could have a good Agarwood quality, so these trees are also the rarest in the world.

Do All Agarwood Oils Cost Same?

The price of Agarwood varies in geographical locations, trees, and spices.  The most expensive Oud oil originated from some North East States of India.

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The Indian Agarwood oil is the most demanded product in Middle East culture and is used in the world’s most costly perfumes. Thus the most expensive oil in the world is Indian Oud Oil in the world.

Oud oil originated from other countries such as China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Sri-Lanka.

Some countries or traders started to cultivate the Aquilaria tree through modern cultivation techniques. Agarwood produced from cultivated Aquilaria tree delivers a lower quality of Agarwood compared to organically grown Aquilaria tree.

In cultivated Aquilaria tree, they used some modern medicines and injection to quickly grow the Agar tree and prepare the tree to produce the Agarwood in seven years from the plantation. They also used some modern techniques to infect the tree for making the Agarwood.

But the most demanded Agarwood products are naturally grown Agarwood, and organic Agarwood has the highest price in the Oud market.

How Much Does Pure Oud Oil Cost?

The price of pure grade Oud oil is between USD10,000 to 40,000 depending on its type, origin, and distillation process. Indian oil contains the highest prices in the world and does cost USD32,000 to USD40,000.

Therapeutic Properties of Oud oil:

Oud oil is beneficial for asthma, for instance, fever, abdominal pain, and for example. Oud oil specifically can be used for aromatherapy. Oud oil also has a specification to focus on relaxation and mood.


Agarwood oil is the most expensive product in the world, but the quality and price of Agarwood depend upon the origin, type, and resins of Agarwood.

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If you want to buy high-quality of Oud oil, it is advisable to choose Indian products. But if you are wanted to purchase Oud oil at economical prices, then cultivated Oud products will be beneficial for you.

Due to the deforesting trend, Agarwood and Oud Oil have become rare globally, and due to high demand and lower supplies, it’s becoming the most expensive product in the world.

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