How Do You Extract Agarwood Oil? 4 Important Process You Should Know

What is Agarwood?

Agarwood is the most expensive wood throughout the world and is also known as the wood of God due to its ancillary benefits.

It is also famous as a priceless non-timber wood in the world. Aquilaria spices can develop resins, which can be used in incense, perfumes, and some traditional medicines.

According to its geographical existence, agarwood is famous by many names, such as in Indonesia, known as Gaharu, in some Asia countries. It is known as Oud, and in European and American countries, it is famous with the name Agarwood.

Traditionally, it is used in some medicines in East Asian countries as an analgesic, sedative, and digestive medicine. However, it is reported that medicines traditionally now its many other uses in the world.

Now it is used in expensive scents and perfumes for fragrance and jewelry. Agarwood oil is used as the main ingredient in the production of some expensive perfumes and scents.

Many perfume brands using Oud oil in their production to produce a valuable product for their brand customers.

This article will discuss the extraction method of Oud oil because this oil makes the perfumes and scents valuable. Because Agarwood has a natural woody smell, this cannot be replaced by chemical or artificial flavors.

How do you extract Agarwood oil?

Now we will discuss the complete extraction method of Oud oil.

1) Agarwood Oil Extraction method:

If you want to obtain higher quality Agarwood oil, you must confirm that Agarwood is 8-12 years old because Oud oil’s quality varies with the age of the Aquilaria tree’s wood.

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The extraction process can be carried with the steam distillation process and water.

In the first step of the steam distillation process, Agarwood is immersed in water for 1-3 months, then soaked wood can be placed in the boiler. This method of extraction of Agarwood is the most popular in East Asian Countries.

2) Water Distillation Process:

This method is used to obtain the essential oil.  In this process, Agarwood chips can be dipped in boiling water for producing the soup of Wood.

Due to the high water temperature, plant molecules condensed and captured, and the oil float at the top layer of the warm water.

When condensed material loses temperature, hydrosol and oil can be separated; you can save your essential oil.

3) Steam Distillation process:

This method is known as the best method of oil extraction from Agarwood.  The plant material placed in huge boiler steam it.  Due to the extreme level of heat, oil and molecules are separated from the plant’s pore.  

In this state, the plant releases the mosques in the raised level of steam. The vapors carry the molecules transferred toward the cold area. After cooling the steam water, you can obtain water and oil separately.

The Quality of oil can be assessed by using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.

If you have used the best wood quality and used the extraction method efficiently, you can obtain a higher quality oil. The oil extraction method also can add value to the quality of oil with the quality of wood.

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If you were searching for extraction of Oud oil, we hope we will extract the oil from Agarwood. It is not an easy task to extract the oil from Agarwood because it requires many techniques and the process you must follow.

If you adopted the wrong extraction method, you might not be able to extract good quality Oud oil from Agarwood.

So before extracting the Oud oil, make sure that you have the best quality of Agarwood and followed the best extraction method to extract the Oud oil.