5 Best Perfume Made from Agarwood

Agarwood, mostly called Oud – has become an unbelievably prevalent perfume ingredient since the previous years. It is exotic, costly, and even jeopardized: as it has gotten famous, high-quality oud is getting difficult to source.

The agarwood is a consequence of a response to a fungal attack, which transforms this normally pale and lightwood into a dim, resinous wood with a particular aroma – a cycle that takes many years. From that rotten wood, oil is made – and later evolved into perfume.

Below are the 5 best perfumes made from agarwood readily available on the market:

1) Frederic Malle The Night Eau de Parfum (50 ml)

The Night by Frederic Malle is an Oriental Woody perfume for men and women. The nose behind this aroma is Dominique Ropion.

A phenomenal measure of natural Oud, mixed with Turkish rose and saffron on a rich bed of frankincense and sandalwood, makes this the most valuable scent available and overpowering to Oud enthusiasts.

The Night is a powerful yet simple organization of genuine Indian oud – condensed rare and costly because of the exhaustion of its wild agarwood asset – alongside Turkish rose and amber that flaunts an extraordinary life span.

2) Korloff Royal Oud Eau De Parfum 3oz/88ml New In Box

Royal Oud by Korloff Paris is a woody scent with top notes Rose, Nutmeg and Incense; center notes Agarwood (Oud), Labdanum, Patchouli; base notes Sandalwood, Musk Amberwood, and Vanilla.

Royal oud intense by korloff is a sensual, contemporary aroma for women that is ideal for a dreamy night out.

The sensual aroma of incense, fiery nutmeg and scented rose make up the top notes, making a floral hint bound with fieriness.

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Heart notes of oud, patchouli, and labdanum make a solid earthy accord. Sandalwood and amberwood fuse an inconspicuous woody accord while vanilla adds a rich, gourmand association.

3) Armaf Niche Oud Perfume For Men EDP 90 ML

Oud by Armaf is an aroma of a ton of value, which shows in the very first breath. As soon as you inhale the aroma, it tends to make you addicted to it. So beware, it is exceptionally addictive.

Armaf Niche Oud is a sweet-smelling, warm, and zesty oriental cologne that depicts remarkable animalic, vanilla, and amber primary accords.

This fougère aroma capably blends rich, exotic base notes of patchouli, leather, vanilla, and amber with fine new center notes of black pepper, cedar, and iris to deliver a strong subtlety for camphorous top notes of spice, bergamot, caraway, and sage.

Transmit certainty with this extravagant fragrance. Armaf Niche oud aroma is ideal for any time and any part of the day.

4) Viano Oud Homme

The fresh sensual fragrance, Viano Oud Homme, portrays an advanced vision of masculinity. Viano Intenso is a startling conflict of universes and sensations.

It is an amazing experience between two blocks: the invigorating top notes of grapefruit and the erotic heart notes of patchouli and guaiac wood. It is definitely an attractive woody-aquatic fragrance, which exemplifies masculine quality.

5) Frank Oliver Oud touch cologne

Oud Touch by Franck Olivier is a Woody Aromatic scent for men. It involves top notes of Caramel, Orange and Raspberry; center notes of Olibanum, Patchouli, Rode, Jasmine and Violet; base notes of Musk, Amber, and Vanilla.

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In case you are an admirer of rose/oud combo, or you have not attempted a blend that way, this one is well justified, and definitely worth a try. In addition, it goes on for quite a long time!

This scent ought to be a perfect fit for cooler autumn days or winter. Oud Touch Cologne by Franck Olivier is the ideal backup for day and nightwear for men of all ages and preferences looking for an energizing and captivating aroma to astonish everybody they meet.

Oud Touch men’s cologne includes a mix of woody and fragrant notes with refined traces of smokiness and appeal. It adds an interesting charm to your character with its woody-fragrant aroma.


Currently, oud perfumes are in vogue with most designers and niche organizations who carry its striking fragrance to beginners and to the individuals who search for this rare ingredient. Its smell modifies according to individual and is known to be a developed taste.

Some smell a burning oud as hot, while others may detect gentler woody notes. The fragrance of oud aromas is unmistakably compelling and appealing with ambivalent and woody subtleties: genuinely earthy and, truly sensual.