How to identify the original Agarwood Oil?

If you are searching for the identification of the original Agarwood’s oil then you are in right place, we will guide you, how can determine the original Agarwood oil? Before going to our core topic it is compulsory for you first, you have some basic knowledge about Agarwood.

Because without basic information of Agarwood you might not be able to assess your require product.

What is Agarwood?

Agarwood can be produced from the Aquilaria tree, this is a natural forest tree found in some Asian countries. Aquilaria tree is grown 500-1000 meters above the Sea level.

It is cultivated in many Asian countries. This is the most expensive wood in the world and irrespective of high cost its demand is still increasing throughout the world.

Nowadays the demand for Agarwood is increasing in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Oman, China, Oman, Japan, Egypt, and the USA.  

Agarwood is usable in medicines, perfumes, jewelry and some other customized product. This wood is also know “Wood of God”, due to its extra ordinary benefits.

In the early centuries this wood used by only some royal families which indicates that Agarwood is not expensive only nowadays, it was expensive in the early centuries. It was found thousands of years ago and used by human beings.

But its usage is still increasing in this technologic period. Today’s modern technology can’t be able to produce the substitute the Agarwood which provide the exact benefits, although there are some substitutes of Agarwood, these substitutes can’t be able to fulfill the all required needs of Agarwood.

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What Cultivated and Natural Agarwood?

Aquilaria tree is natural tree and grown in forests but due to huge demand in worldwide, some started to cultivate the Agarwood by using modern cultivation approaches.

Natural Aquilaria trees take 5-7 years to produce the Agarwood but cultivated Aquilaria tree can produce the Agarwood within 2-3 years. If we use the cultivated Agarwood then it might be available at cheap rates but there be a considerable difference in quality.

The Quality of naturally grown Agarwood will be higher than planted trees of Aquilaria. If you are searching for the quality of product then you have to consider the methods of producing the Agarwood.

If you are searching for cheap Agarwood then choose the Cultivated Agarwood, because its prices will be comparatively lower than original Agarwood.

How to identify the original Agarwood Oil?

This is not easy to identify the original Agarwood oil because due to increasing demand trend of Agarwood many trader introduce the fake products to cheat the users.

If you are a newbie for Agarwood oil then you can’t identify the original oil by smelling. Because there are many artificial flavors is likely Agarwood.

First, Smell the Agarwood oil by your Nose and try asses the smell of Agarwood, then you have to assess that Oud oil is adulterated or not.

Now the Question is, how you can assess whether oud oil is adulterated or not? You have to swipe a drop of oil behind your neck, if it feel warm then it is adulterated oil.

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If the oil is normal or cold then it is fake oil, so you have to be very careful at the time of purchasing the Oud oil, it is a natural product and due to the culture of deforestation, its supply and production are not according to demand. Many fake traders misusing consumers by selling Fake products.


After the brief discussion of Agarwood or Oud oil we hope that you will be able to assess the original product of Oud Oil, but still, if you have any questions then leave a comment for us. We will try to provide you the best solution to your question.