How Do You Plant Agarwood Seeds? (A Step by Step Process)

Introduction to Agarwood (Oud) Farming:

In this article, we will discuss Agarwood farming and practices Agarwood.

Agarwood is also called the wood of God. The scientific name of Oud is Aquilaria, and Aquilaria is also known as resinous heartwood.

It is native n Asian countries such as India, China, the Philippines, Cambodia, and others. Oud is the infected wood of the Aquilaria tree.

Agarwood is a forest tree, and its height is 40 meters and wide 80 centimeters approximately. Aquilaria trees start to produce Agarwood after the infection of fungi or mold.

Agarwood gives a valuable fragrance and is used in perfumes and incense. Geographical locations influence the Qualities of Agarwood, methods of harvesting, time taken since infection, spices, root origin, and branch.  Only 10% of the wild tree can naturally produce resin approximately.

Agarwood Plant Characteristics:

  • Agarwood is a dark resinous wood used in small incense, Carvings, and perfume.
  • Due to the depletion of natural resources cost of Oud is high.
  • The smell of Oud is complex and pleasing.

Verities of Agarwood:

The spices of the Aquilaria tree, when infected naturally or artificially, turns into Agarwood.

These spices can be in different places in the world. The characteristics and properties of Agarwood formed are independent of each other.

Climatic Conditions and Soil for forming Agarwood:

Aquilaria tree grows in hilly areas and 750 meters above the sea level.  It can be grown in red, yellow, sandy, clay, podzolic soil.

The average temperature required to raise the Aquilaria tree is 20-33c, and soil thickness required more than 50cms.

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Aquilaria trees can be grown in different ecosystems and forests. The environmental conditions are influenced by the fertility and characteristics of the soil.

Plantation of Aquilaria Trees:

Aquilaria plantation can be done by using modern cultivation techniques. With these techniques, you can obtain Agarwood in a shorter period rather than decades.

If you want to get the excellent quality of Agarwood, then you have to choose the superior quality of seeds and saplings.

Aquilaria Seeding:

To grow the Aquilaria tree, you need to know the cultivation methods because it has specific techniques and practices from other trees.  You can choose successful cultivation through private nurseries.

The first step of cultivation is the identification of seeds. The process of propagation will complete at the stage of seed maturation.

The propagation will be complete after bursting seeds and losing viability because they are short due to the exposed atmosphere.

With proper management, planning, and storage, you can produce a large quantity of Aquilaria trees.

Land Preparation of Seeding:

It is vital to select the ecological conduction to grow the Aquilaria spices. Many Aquilaria tree plants die within 3-4 years due to stagnant water, although you have chosen the excellent climate and soil.

The Sloping land is suitable for plantation because it reduces mortality. The elder seed is not beneficial for the farm because they have a lesser chance to grow.

Method Gives 99% Surviving rate:

Prepare the hold of 40*40*40 for the plantation of Aquilaria and leave these holes for sunlight, rain, and oxygen. These holes will help the roots of the tree to grow and reduce the hardness of the soil.

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The hole can be covered apposite level and seeding two inches above the surface of the plantation.  Remove the poly bag and kept the plant on the spot.


If you want to plant the Aquilaria tree, you have to use the proper cultivation techniques to grow the Aquilaria tree to obtain a good quality of Agarwood.

If you adopt the above method for cultivation, you will produce excellent quality Agarwood at a reasonable cost.