Is Agarwood a good investment? (Important Point You Need to Know Before Making a Decision)


The Aquilaria tree is the primary source of providing Agarwood in the world. This tree can grow in the South East Asia Region; you can found in Thailand, India, Malaysia, and eastwards to New Guinea. You can determine the Aquilaria tree’s health by its white color, without aromatic resins and softness.

Agarwood is formed by external factors such as insect attack, animal grazing, or microbial invasion. The defensive reaction of the Aquilaria tree against the external attack produces the Agarwood from the heart of the tree.

How can you invest in Agarwood?

You can invest your resources in the trade of Agarwood by different phases, such as you can start the business of Oud oil by purchasing from whole seller or manufacturers. 

You can invest your money to buy the Agarwood and extract the oil and other Agarwood products such as medicines, oil, or Jewelry.

You can also invest your resources in Agarwood’s cultivation, which will be the most beneficial option for you because the supply of Agarwood is very limited in the world.

And if you start to grow the Agarwood, this not a threat to sell your products because there is a massive demand for Agarwood products around the globe, and Agarwood availability is minimal.

Is Agarwood a good investment?

If you are thinking of investing in Agarwood, you must know, “is Agarwood a good investment?” We will discuss the five reasons to invest in Agarwood.

Agarwood is a highly Priced product:

As you know, it is a highly-priced product in the world and used in medicines, incense, aromatherapy, and fragrance; Agarwood’s fragrance is famous for thousands of years and used in cancer research.

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Agarwood Chips:

These chips are based on the multibillion-dollar industry and used in many other commercial uses.  These chips can make a pleasant aroma and be used as an element of general perfume for critical religious occasions.

Oud Oil:

Oud oil is an essential Agarwood product, which has considerable demand in the perfume industry.  The fragrance market is increasing continuously and launching more than 1200 fragrances each year, but Agarwood’s supply is limited due to the rare growth of Agarwood.

Save the planet:

This the most crucial reason to invest in Agarwood to save the planet.  Only 7% of Aquilaria trees produce Oud or Agarwood in the world due to unnecessary cutting of the Aquilaria tree.

It is necessary to confirm whether the Aquilaria tree is infecting by external factors or not?   Without infection, cut down the Aquilaria tree is a wastage of resources.  Aquilaria tree cannot produce the Agarwood without the disease.

The cutting of trees also causes carbon dioxide to mix in the air. The cultivation of Agarwood can also help decrease the shortage of trees in the world with financial earning.

It is an Affordable Investment:

Low interest rates and Inflation make the saving accounts uninteresting for investors.  If you invest your resources in Agarwood, you will start to receive your returns after seven years, and the average rate of your returns will be approximately 157% of your investment.


In today’s environment, investment in Agarwood seems beneficial for long-term investments. If you plan for a short-term investment, then buy in Agarwood will not be suitable for you.

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Aquilaria tree took seven years to produce the Agarwood. But you can start the trade of Agarwood products by purchasing from manufacturers. You can invest your resources in the import of Agarwood or the spinning process of Agarwood.

In short, investment in Agarwood seems a secure and highly returnable investment due to the high demand for Agarwood in the world.