How do I know if my Agarwood Oil is real?

What is Agarwood?

Agarwood is a unique wood produced from the Aquilaria tree, and this wood is used in many products throughout the world. Agarwood is becoming the most popular wood in the world due to its fragrance.

In this article, we will discuss “how do you know the about real Agarwood oil.” If you are a consumer of agarwood, you will be familiar with the cost of this wood. This is the most expensive wood, and you have to be care full, while you are going to purchase the products of agarwood from market

So, before discussing the topic, you must be familiar with some basic information about agarwood its will help you to assess the products of agarwood and will clear your understanding about agarwood and its products.

Agarwood can grow in many countries of Asia, but the most popular Agarwood is Vietnam’s Agarwood.  Because agarwood requires specific soil and water to grow, this is available in Vietnam. Therefore, if you are looking for the best quality agarwood then you have to choose Vietnam’s Agarwood.

Why Vietnam is the best producer of agarwood?

As discussed, agarwood produced from the Aquilaria tree, and this tree is a combination of 25 spices. Agarwood can be produce from 19 spices of the Aquilaria tree. Many researchers demonstrate that the Aquilaria tree grows in Crassna produces the best agarwood due to the best quality of soil and water.

Many other countries are producing agarwood by using some cultivation methods, But there is a variation in cultivated agarwood and naturally grown in Vietnam. Every country has its specification for growing agarwood.

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But most demanded Agar wood’s products through the world is Vietnam’s. If you are searching for the best quality products then you have to consider Vietnam’s products, these products might be expensive rather than in other countries. But the quality of Vietnam’s products is perfect, which became the primary reason to make Vietnam the best producer of agarwood throughout the world.

How do I know if my Agarwood Oil is real?

Agarwood oil is produced from the water of the Aquilaria tree, and it is the most expensive oil.  This oil used inexpensive scents, and Oud perfumes and scents are the most popular in the world. The Agarwood perfume’s smell remains for a long time and has a unique natural memorable smell.

Due to the higher price and uniqueness, its oil is imitated in the market; you have to familiar with original Oud oil. We will discuss some important tips to assess the original Agarwood oil.

Test the Smell

You have asses the Oud oil by its smell; the smell of real Oud oil is complemented, woody, and fruity. The fake Oud oil does not contain a pleasant smell, so you have to smell the oil before purchasing it.

Inspect the appearance

You have identified the Oud oil by deep brown and symmetrical black veins. If these veins are missing, then you have, assume that it is not real Oud oil.

Heating Taste

When you burn the Oud oil, it will create some tree extracted resin bubbles, and the more bubbles state that oil is pure.

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Oud oil is a very expensive product, so you have to be familiar with this before purchasing the products. Because due to limited supply and higher demand for Oud oil, many suppliers started to sell fake Oud oil in the market. We hope that you will be familiar with real Oud oil and can identify the fake products.

But if you have any questions related to this article, please leave a comment for us.