How do you check the quality of agarwood?

What is agarwood?

Agarwood is the most popular product from the Aquilaria tree. This is the most expensive wood in the world and can be used for different purposes. Agarwood is useable in different products such as medicines, Jewelry, and some eatable products. Aquaria tree is a forest tree and can grow faster than other trees.

Aquilaria tree took 5-7 years to produce the agarwood if it grows naturally. But now, some modern cultivation techniques are using to produce the agarwood within 2-3 years from the Auilaria tree. There is a considerable variation of quality in naturally grown and cultivated agarwood products.

This wood is also known as the wood of God due to its considerable benefits. In earlier centuries, this product is only useable to some royale families in Asia. But it is becoming a popular product in the world and its demand is continuously increasing in all over the world.

What is natural agarwood?

Aquilaria tree is produced from Aquaria tree, and this tree can be found in the forests of some Asian Countries. This tree took 5-7 years to grow and produce agarwood. Aquilaria tree is often grown above the sea level in some Asian countries. This distance between the Aquilaria tree and sea level is approximately 500-1000 metes. The reasonable difference between sea level and Auilaria tree is 1000 meters.

The natural agarwood is deemed to be the best quality of Agarwood in the market and comparatively, its prices are also high from cultivated agarwood.

Where does agarwood popularly grow?

Agarwood are grown in many countries nowadays but some popular locations for Agarwood’s growth in the soil of some Asian countries.

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Aquileia tree consists of 25 spices and 19 spices produce the agarwood, the remaining 6 can’t help the Aquaria tree to produce the Arwood.  Agarwood can be produced from Aqilaria the infected part of the tree.

In the following countries, Agarwood can be grown most popularly.

  1. Vietnam
  2. India
  3. China
  4. Malaysia
  5. Thailand
  6. Indonesia
  7. Cambodia
  8. Borneo
  9. Laos
  10. Philippines
  11. New Guinea

How do you check the quality of agarwood?

Due to the considerable demand for agarwood, there are many suppliers, and manufacturers enter the markets and selling fake products in the name of Agarwood or Oud.

Agarwood is the most expensive wood in the world, so these kinds of culprits can easily manipulate the product. These often target new consumers to sell fake or manipulated products.

Now we will discuss how you can check the quality of agarwood. As discussed above, the good quality of Agarwood can be produced from naturally grown Ailria tree, and the best quality Agarwood can be produced from Auraria trees of Vietnam.

There are two main methods to assess the quality of agarwood.

Through its appearance:

In good quality’s agarwood contain multiple oil veins, and these veins are visible.  If you can’t see the thread on wood and see the solid color, then it will temper wood. You have to concise before purchasing the agarwood.

Through Scent:

Take a piece of agarwood and try to smell it deeply. If the smell of wood is tangy, sharp, and Alcohol smell, then there is a considerable chance that it is not an original product and mixed with some chemicals.

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Due to significant demand and high prices of agarwood, many suppliers introduced some fake products in the market and selling those products with the name of Agarwood or Oud. You have to be more careful while you are purchasing agarwood in the market. Try to test the agarwood in the above-discussed methods.

If you could not be able to assess the quality of agarwood from the above-discussed methods, then leave a comment for us. We will provide you other methods to assess the pure agarwood products.

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